Internet Gambling: Fact not Fiction

Many a story does the rounds about the internet gambling business. Many are facts but many are merely fictions. In this article I have tried to address some common issues about internet gambling. Besides addressing some basic questions regarding the security, we address a question that is perhaps the most asked question by many about internet gambling. Is internet gambling legal?

Sticking to the federal laws of USA, there are two main laws regarding gambling in the US of A. The Interstate Wire Act, 1961 prohibits gambling activities conducted through wires. But though the internet does use wires, the words used in stating the law facilitated for many a loophole. However, Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, states that it is a crime for a company in USA to accept money from online gambling. This however does not make much of a difference as most online gambling companies are located outside of USA. Moreover, the federal government leaves it to the states to determine whether internet gambling is legalized in that state.

Among other things, security is also an issue with internet gambling. There are two types of online casinos – web-based and download-based. With the web-based casinos, the player can gamble without having to download any software. It is prone to infecting you with spywares and malwares. It also requires a high speed internet connection.

The other is download based casino. Here casino software needs to be downloaded before you actually get to gamble. Once downloaded and set up, the gaming speed is faster than the web based casinos. However, if you want to trust the download source, it is at your own risk.

A live chat based casino environment is also available on the internet. This is an endeavor to give you a real life gambling experience. Some even offer the use of web cams.